Yahya from Marmaris, Turkey

  • Yahya from Marmaris, Turkey

    Yahya from Marmaris, Turkey

    Recently I realized that ripped CD’s converter into lossless Wav or Flac formats sounds more detailed with a much better sound stage. I began to rip some of my CD collection using my desktop computer with an ordinary sound section of its mainboard. I have a PS Audio PerfectWave MKII DAC, a Audio Analogue Integrated Amplifier Maestro and Marten Django speakers installer in a fairly large room (about 50 square meters) with a very high ceiling (4 meters).

    I started to look for a server streamer with a CD drive but without a DAC since I am very happy with my PS Audio unit. Towards the end of searching in Ä°stanbul’s lively high end retail market and on the internet I was about to give up. However I came across a review of AudioAanZee’s music server.

    I purchased AudioAanZee’s Ultra Flow model, now I am positively affected by this thoughtfully designed and masterly manufactured music server. One can control it from an IPad or a PC. IPAD as a remote controller is very smart. I rip my CD’s into flac format easily by just pushing them, one by one of course, into the slot of the CD driver of the Ultra Flow. AudioAanZee unit uses software which finds and brings in cover of the CD from the net if there is one. One can create his/her own classification file system by accessing the AudioAanZee from the PC.

    The most important positive result is the sound that comes from the music files stored in the hard disk of the unit. I am 73 years old. I am lucky not to have lost my hearing spectrum. I am still able to hear the high frequencies. I have been a hifi enthusiast since my twenties some of which I spent in Cambridge England as a student. I was fortunate enough to live in Boston for some time in late seventies and early eighties. In both places I spent quite a time in high end shops and built my LP collection. I said all these to emphasise that I trust my comparative hearing evaluation capacity. I never heard recorded music sound so natural, open, detailed and spread on a 3 dimensional stage. This Dutch engineering work is musically a sounding instrument. I highly recommend it.

    10 Augustus 2014