Peter from California USA

  • Peter from California USA

    Peter from California USA

    Hello Evert, I am writing you tonight to say a big thank you for re engaging me in my greatest passion that I have been absent from for the last 10 years. Your AudioAanZee Ultra Flow has turned me back into an audiophile and I can’t say enough about it. For years I remained an analogue and tube amp holdout until the Linn CD-12 came along and changed my opinion of digital forever. I finally had found a source that could play music that sounded “close” to what I found so enthralling about vinyl. Years later I found DCS and began a journey into the next realm of digitally produced sound. A divorce and bad economic times promoted the sale of my beloved system and I purchased a Meridian system that although entertaining, never quite matched up to my older systems. Last year my dear friend George Cardas helped me assemble a system that I could finally enjoy critically listening to.

    After a month of break in and fine tuning a souped up Mac Pro with Amarra, JRiver and Audivarna playing Spotify I read a review by Christaan Punter ( of the AudioAanZee Ultra Flow. I have a great deal of respect for Christaan’s writing and passion for music not to mention living vicariously through him in terms of listening to equipment I wish I could afford. I had been looking for the next phase in music reproduction and had been following the computer driven music reproduction circuit and felt that maybe this was the next frontier. I was apprehensive about ordering a product from an unknown company in the Netherlands and felt nervous about entering into this new technology without the benefit of a trial period and local dealer setup and support. I’m not the brightest when it comes to computers and had already experienced frustration with computer software and was struggling with the thought of getting in deeper. After another crash of my software and another evening of moderately enjoyable internet radio sound I found myself emailing you and going out on a limb and ordering the AudioAanZee Ultra Flow.

    Your friendliness and enthousiasm overrode your lack of perfect English and I found myself at my bank the following day wiring the funds to you. Three weeks later a box appeared and I immediately started to hook it up to my system. I turned it on and it sounded incredible right out of the box. At first I thought that this must have been a demo unit that had been used in a hifi shop. It couldn’t possibly be new and sound this perfect. I called you and you mentioned that you always test the Ultra Flow for a few days before you ship them. I then proceeded to attempt to play Spotify. Trouble ensued and that’s when I realized how passionate you are about your product and costumer service. Over the next few days we tried to figure out why I couldn’t get Spotify to work.You were always there for me trying to walk me through the process regardless of what time it was or whether it was a weekend. I started to wonder If I’d made a mistake. I had sold my laptop and lost a bundle on the three software programs that I had purchased not to mention the upgrades to the computer itself in terms of the addition of a SSD and upgraded memory. in the meantime I started downloading some of my favourite CDs and found myself enjoying the sound immensely. Finally the folks over at Spotify were able to figure things out and I was able to get it running. Arghh!!! It sounded terrible!! Just like you told me early on “It’s music to wash dishes to” Well, you were right. I finally realized how terrible it sounded and then it dawned on me that my Ultra Flow and the cable had broken in and the sound was intoxicating!!

    Ten years of casual background music and now here I was again. Glued to my seat, critically listening and loving every minute of it. It has added to my life in a way that I can’t explain. I now can see the future and it’s sitting in a silver box from the Netherlands. Oddly enough it has also brought me to my past simultaneously. Just last week I arranged to borrow a turntable from a friend and am awaiting a phono preamp to start spinning records. I know that it’s because your server has triggered emotions in my past that associate this type of listening pleasure with analogue. I’m interested to see where this will go but one thing’s for sure. I LOVE my Ultra Flow and it is the future with a nod to the past. I will keep you posted and look forward to doing business with you in the future. In the meantime I’m done typing and back to another listening session. Dave Brubeck is in the house lol!!


    04 October 2014