Peter from California USA, part two!

  • Peter from California USA, part two!

    Peter from California USA, part two!

    Hello Evert, I’ve now had my turntable for over a month and just want to thank you again for reintroducing me to the joys of being an audiophile! Ironically it took the incredible sound of the AudioAanZee Ultra Flow to get me back into analogue and for analogue to help me appreciate the stunning sound of digital through the Ultra Flow.

    After some break in time with the cartridge (Cardas Ruby) Interconnects (Cardas Clear) and phone pre amp(Ayre P5-xe) my turntable (Stabi Reference/Stogi tonearm) is playing beautiful and engaging music. The sub woofer you recommended (Rel 2) and the Audioquest Diamond USB cable are all dialed in with the rest of my system and I can’t thank you enough for all of the time you spent advising me even on equipment that you sell in the Netherlands that I purchased here in the States.

    This follow up review sounds like it’s all about analogue but it’s not. It’s actually about the AudioAanZee Ultra Flow and how impressive the sound is. It all became obvious one night while I came home and heard the new Jeff Tweedy album Sukierae playing. I had purchased the LP a few days earlier and had been enjoying it ever since. I remarked to my girlfriend how engaging and warm the sound was and she agreed. I explained to her that this was the difference between analogue and digital. As I finished my explanation I looked over and realized that she had played the cd version that had been ripped through the Ultra Flow.I was shocked! It prompted me to do several comparisons of albums that I had both on vinyl and cd ripped on the Ultra Flow. Once again I was amazed at how close the sound was. What a compliment!!

    Yes I give analogue the edge over digital but in some cases the Ultra Flow sounded better than analogue. My turntable and accessories cost more than six times the price and incorporate technology that is as good as any analogue source available. All I can say is CONGRATS on designing an amazing component and THANK YOU again for everything you’ve done to advise me and help me connect with music in such a meaningful and passionate way.I won’t mention some of the tweaks I did as well that brought out just a little more (Synergistic Research Tranquility Base for it to rest on and the replacement of the power cord with a Cardas Clear and Audioquest Cinnamon ethernet cable for those moments when internet radio have to be on) but I will say that I am done with the building of my system and from here on out the ONLY focus will be on the music. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person when I come out to the Netherlands to visit my artist Jan Maarten Voskuil and looking forward to sharing some of your strong coffee and listening to some great new music!

    Peter Blake

    17 November 2014